The AMMODI blog publishes easily accessible contributions for advancing our understanding of African migrations, mobilities, and displacements in all their diversity. The blog contributions are ordered into three thematic categories; Research notes, Policy notes, and Field notes, which are described in more detail on the site. The site also features a page called “AMMODI recommends”, where we have started a collection of links to sites and institutions treating similar issues, as well as a section on recent publications, which we hope that our members will help us fill. On the sidebar, we have gathered relevant blogs, events, and postings in the hope that AMMODI can contribute to the increased visibility and dissemination of the wealth of research and other activities relating to this central theme in global social and political life today.

The views expressed in the blog posts belong to the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of AMMODI as a network, or of the AMMODI organisers.