Month: Dec 2017

The camp beyond the city: Kakuma and the development of a camp ecology

Kakuma refugee camp in Northern Kenya is emblematic for the debate about the ambiguous phenomenon of the protracted refugee camp. The camp has taken on an urban-like form; a dense, non-agricultural, informal settlement, that is characterized by the meeting of both curtailing and enabling forces, and human agency - by Bram J. Jansen

Researching (with) refugees? Ethical considerations on participatory approaches

In lieu of perceiving refugees as ‘data sources’, research with refugees and thus participatory approaches not only transform refugees’ positions to active participants, but can also further the scope of findings - by Ulrike Krause

Photo by Gabriel Pecot for ODI

Can international frameworks or compacts reduce onward migration?

If the aim of policy-makers is to reduce migration flows to Europe, the logical solution is to provide those services in the region where most migrants come from. This is where Partnership Frameworks and Job Compacts come in, but do they work? - by Jessica Hagen-Zanker

Researching migrant arrivals, births and burials across the Mediterranean

In times of important life changes, such as the birth of a child or the loss of a loved one, the need for the support and companionship of others is essential. For migrants, this is rarely possible - by Sine Plambech